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Re: V0.4 details

Ulrik asked:

>> Could you perhaps provide some references showing examples
   of the use of \eth and \thorn as math symbols?

Here is one: Penrose and Rindler: Spinors & space-time (Cambridge monographs 
on mathematical physics, 1984).

>> - upright letters, mathematical constants: 
   e (base of exponential function), i, j (imaginary unit)

Dealing with quaternions, I also have the need for an upright `k'; however, 
I think those should come from the {operators} font aka \textfont0 or math 

>> I think I noticed another situation where some big delimiters didn't
   overlap properly leaving a very tiny visible gap in xdvi, which wasn't 
   noticable on paper.  Perhaps some rounding problem?

Probably a problem of the X11 driver. On my Linux Box at home, xdvi never 
renders the \copyright correctly, not even with the -thorough option. It 
also shows those typical gaps with the very big delimiters (i. e. those 
which are assembled of several pieces).

--J"org Knappen