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Re: V0.4 details

Matthias Clasen:

> It seems that physicists need a complete barred MC encoding ? 

Well, not necessary.  For QED a full set of Feynman-slashed letters 
as an extra MC-encoded alphabet might be nice.  

As for barred math italics letters, only \hbar and \hslash are really
essential, whereas e.g. \iotabar or \iotaslash is much rarer and might
not be worth expending two slots at all provided there are suitable
bar or slash accents to fake such symbols.  (Actually, I must confess
that I don't know anything about the use of \lambdabar, except that 
I know that it is provided in the RevTeX macros.)

As for barred upright letters, the situation is more difficult.  
If an upright d is included in the MC-font for technical reasons
to allow kerning with other letters, an upright d with bar should
also go there to ensure consistency.  

I suppose we sooner or later need to do a detailed case study to 
consider the various candiate symbols and the potential reasons
for their inclusion individually. 

> I haven't had time to look at your MX proposal, but it might be a good idea. 
> It might at the same time alleviate rounding problems in MX1 which could 
> cause the gaps you have noticed in some delimiters. I have fiddled around
> quite a lot with the heights and depths in MX1 to avoid rounding, but it 
> still occurs and metafont doesn't even tell you about it if the error is 
> below a certain size.

I'll post an implementation of my MX proposal in a separate message.
At present it also suffers from rounding problems, but I'm hopeful
that it could be fixed somehow as it doesn't use that many different
sizes of delimiters.

>> http://www.w3c.org/pub/WWW/MarkUp/Math/
>> http://www.ams.org/html-math/

> Thanks for these pointers, although I don't have the spare time right now.

Perhaps, you might be interested in the following specific pointers:


These are font charts proposed by Wolfram Research for Mathematica
showing for each symbol: the Unicode code position, the Mathematica 
symbol name, a GIF image of the symbol, the SGML entity names, 
and the TeX macro names (if available).  It might be interesting
to see how many of the blanks in the TeX column we could fill in.

Cheers, Ulrik.