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Re: V0.4 details

Ulrik Vieth wrote:

> Yes, I'd second that, in principle, remembering the use of \dbar and
> also \deltabar in thermodynamics.  However, I'm afraid that the
> tedious question of which upright/barred/slashed symbols to include 
> or leave out in the MC encoding probably needs to readressed again
> as a whole sooner or later.

It seems that physicists need a complete barred MC encoding ? 

> >      The upright lowercase greek letters need some adjustments

> Yes, definitely.  For a start I'd suggest CTAN:fonts/greek/kelly,
> which is very much like CM greek with minor adjustmenst needed
> for use in upright shape.  On a longer term, however, I'd like to
> remind you that it won't be enough to provide just one MC-encoded
> font containing both upright/italic greek in medium/normal shape.  
> We also need bold/bold italics, and bold sans/bold sans oblique.

Thanks for the pointer to CTAN:/fonts/greek/kelly, I will have a look at it
once I finished the more urgent things like moving to a new appartement etc. 

> I think I mentioned before that I'm somewhat skeptical about the
> current proposal how to split MX1/MX2.  I'd rather go for a more
> traditional MX font providing only the traditional range of sizes
> and an optional MX1/MX2 combo providing extra sizes, but without
> having to worry about compatiblitiy constraints concerning how
> to distribute delimiters, bigops and wide accents.


> I think I noticed another situation where some big delimiters didn't
> overlap properly leaving a very tiny visible gap in xdvi, which wasn't
> noticable on paper.  Perhaps some rounding problem?
I haven't had time to look at your MX proposal, but it might be a good idea. 
It might at the same time alleviate rounding problems in MX1 which could 
cause the gaps you have noticed in some delimiters. I have fiddled around
quite a lot with the heights and depths in MX1 to avoid rounding, but it 
still occurs and metafont doesn't even tell you about it if the error is 
below a certain size.

> I recently came across some WWW pages of the W3C html-math containing
> various references about proposed or already existing ISO/Unicode/SGML 
> character/entitiy sets for encoding math symbols.  Does anyone have 
> some spare time to compare those lists with our font tables to check 
> whatever else we may have forgotten?  

> http://www.w3c.org/pub/WWW/MarkUp/Math/
> http://www.ams.org/html-math/

Thanks for these pointers, although I don't have the spare time right now.