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Re: \t accent (was: Re: V0.4 details)

    > Minor nitpick: Knuth needed the \t accent in two cases to typeset:

    Off-topic slightly, but has anyone encountered this particular
    romanisation anywhere else?

    > - Akademi\t\i a Nauk SSSR, Doklady (2x)

              presumably means I Ya

    > - Serge\u\i\ \t Iur'ev (3x)

                   presumably means Yu

correct interpretation.

this at least used to be the preferred romanization of the u.s.
library of congress.  (ghastly, isn't it?)

in addition to the tied ia and iu, the lc romanization also uses
\t ts  (sometimes rendered c), \t\i e (ukrainian ye, looks like
russian eh but mirror image, opening to the right), and \t zh
(ukrainian only).

there are about half a dozen different romanizations of various
cyrillic-based alphabets shown in a table that appears in every
annual author index of mathematical reviews.  some of them are
really quite amazing ...
						-- bb