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Re: \t accent (was: Re: V0.4 details)

> Minor nitpick: Knuth needed the \t accent in two cases to typeset:

Off-topic slightly, but has anyone encountered this particular
romanisation anywhere else?

> - Akademi\t\i a Nauk SSSR, Doklady (2x)

          presumably means I Ya

> - Serge\u\i\ \t Iur'ev (3x)

               presumably means Yu

(none of which letters I can express with my keyboard -- the I is a
back-to-front N, the Ya is a back-to-front R, and the Yu is a sort of
Combination H and O).

When I first encountered it, it distracted me from Knuth's deathless
prose for a noticeable period of time (several seconds ;-)