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\t accent (was: Re: V0.4 details)

>      Why do you keep the tie accent in MSP? It was never designed for 
>      use in mathematics (in fact, Knuth needed it to typeset \t\i\i
>      once in the TeXbook). It has a strange design (a glyph hanging out of 
>      its bounding box) and isn't really workable. It is now part of the tc 
>      fonts, which also contains now so-called new ties, which are inverted 
>      breve accents in fact.

Minor nitpick: Knuth needed the \t accent in two cases to typeset:

- Akademi\t\i a Nauk SSSR, Doklady (2x)
- Serge\u\i\ \t Iur'ev (3x)

In addition to that, he once abused the macro \t for another purpose:

  \newcount\m \newtoks\t \m=\n \t={}
  \loop \ifnum\m>0 \t=\expandafter{\the\t *} \advance\m-1 \repeat

So much for zgrep'ing texbook.tex.  I can't find any occurences in mfbook.tex.
In any case, I agree that \t doesn't belong into the math font tables.

Cheers, Ulrik.