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V0.4 details

Here are some details to the 0.4 release fo the new mathematical fonts:

xma: The thorn in position 251 should be a lowercase thorn (having a 
MC   descender)

     The incomplete differential (d with bar) is still missing. It should  
     be included both as an upright and a math italic letter

     The upright lowercase greek letters need some adjustments

xmb: I am surprised by the two square root signs, which are _smaller_
MX1  than the default one. Personally, I find them rather irritating.
     How do the other members of this forum feel?

     BTW, do the other mebers of this forum agree with the number and size 
     steps of the growing delimeters? Are they really all needed (I am in 
     doubt here)? An argument in favour of many sizes in one font could be, 
     that one only needs one xmb font for all point sizes. On the other 
     hand, TeX is not delimited by the absolute number of fonts loaded, but 
     by the number of math font families. Thus, a package like xscale
     is just fine. It also resolves the problems with the many different 
     heights and depths.

     There are some postings on the number of delimiter sizes in the  

xmc: What is the rationale to have a cedilla in mathematics?
     Why do you keep the tie accent in MSP? It was never designed for 
     use in mathematics (in fact, Knuth needed it to typeset \t\i\i
     once in the TeXbook). It has a strange design (a glyph hanging out of 
     its bounding box) and isn't really workable. It is now part of the tc 
     fonts, which also contains now so-called new ties, which are inverted 
     breve accents in fact.

     Since xmf contains an extensible (wide) triangle accent, maybe xmc 
     should contain the basic form of it?

xmd: Johannes Kuester remarked recently, that the Vinogradov symbols
MS1  should be differentiated from >> and <<. xmd seems the natural place 
     where they could be added.

     Another missing glyph: \VDash (\nVDash is in MS1)

     Another missing glyph: \barvee

xme: The scriptscriptstyle long arrows show visibile gaps in my printout and 
MS2  on the screen. Probably the pieces should have better overlap.
xmf: Thinking of the design of the multiset brackets: Should they be lens-
MX2  shaped (i. e. the additional vertical stroke also forms the glyph 
     boundary), or should they be more brace-like (i. e. the curve of the
     brace overshoots the second vertical stroke)? Or are the two things 
     described in fact different characters to be supported? (Compare
     the lenses from stmaryrd with the parentheses from blackboard bold
     for instance, they show the difference I want to describe above).

     For the tortoise shell brackets, the vertical piece should be longer 
     and the diagonals should have an angle comparable to the angle of the
     angualar brackets.

--J"org Knappen