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Re: under accents

Matthias Clasen writes:
 > The main addition is an implementation of underaccents and nestable
 > accents. This is done almost completely on the `TeX side' - but the
 > macros rely on some additional kerns with the skewchar and of the
 > accents for proper placement. The values of these kerns are just
 > results of some quick experiments and will have to be corrected, if
 > this way of doing underaccents is generally accepted. The macro code is in
 > the file `accents.tex' - it is very inefficient, but I hope that it does
 > something useful. 

i haven't yet been able to look at it. but perhaps a pointer: if i
remember correctly, in the work for IPA fonts (T3) ie in the tpia
package there is some work on under accents that i thought could be of
interest for a more general use. perhaps you want to look at it for