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Re: MS2 Addenda

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997 Joerg.Knappen@uni-mainz.de wrote:

> In the encoding MS1, the following glyphs should be added:
> AMS equals friends: (+3)
> \doteq (currently constructed as a macro)
> \hateq (often requested)
> \checkeq (also to be foubd in Unicode)

\doteq is in MSP in my implementation right now - it is constructed
in fontmath.ltx, so it should be in the first four families, or not ?

There are more constructed glyphs which got own slots in MSP in my
current implementation: \cong (the AMS fonts contain only \ncong), 
\angle (which is constructed in fontmath.ltx and redefined as a
single glyph in amsfonts.sty) and \models (which is the only construction
in fontmath.ltx using \joinrel between glyphs from different fonts. By
giving \models its own slot, I could completely replace \joinrel by
kerning between the arrow pieces.)

> AMS Vdash group: (+1)
> \VDash (currently, only \nVDash is in, funny, isn't it?)
> AMS misc. geometric group: (+1)
> \barvee (also to be found in Unicode)

Right now there is \barwedge and \veebar, so if we add \barvee, 
what about \wedgebar, if only for completeness ?