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Re: (Partial) implementation of new math encodings

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Frank Mittelbach wrote:

>  - produce F1.dvi from F using current encoding scheme
>  - produce F2.dvi from F using new encoding scheme
>  - run F2.dvi through the program that removes the virtual fonts
>    from the dvi (was it dvi2dvi?) resulting in F3.dvi
>  - compare F1.dvi with F3.dvi perhaps by first converting the file
>    via dvitype or something to a more human readable form
>    (or perhaps try cmp first and if the files differ do diff of 
>     ascii forms of the dvi files)
I was really thinking of a comparison of the graphical output: perhaps 
more along the lines of using pstopnm on a ps file and then comparing 
the resulting pbm files with pnmarith -difference. I don't know if that
will produce any useful information (as I haven't tried it yet).

Regards, Matthias