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(Partial) implementation of new math encodings

I have made a third version of my implementation of Justin Zieglers
encoding proposals available via ftp from


or via http from


It should be `ready-to-run' after untarring it. The file DEVIATIONS
describes my deviations from Justins proposals and their reasons.

I have run tests using lshort2e.tex, lkurz.tex, amsldoc.tex and
testmath.tex. They all worked more or less (lshort2e gives an error
if you use the textcomp option of newmath, but that is really an
incompatiblity between lshort2e.tex and amstext.sty). 

I wonder how one could check that everything is definitively ok - apart
from just having a close look at the dvi output. Are there any clever
methods for finding sublte differences between two dvi files ? Computing
the difference of the bitmaps ?

Any comments are welcome!