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Re: More missing glyphs...

>>On Fri, 18 Apr 1997, Frank Mittelbach wrote:
>> it is probably true that some mathematicians put their hands on any
>> symbol they could reach from within TeX to get more symbols available

>At 11:53 97-04-21, Matthias Clasen wrote:
>Yes, that is true. Additionally each branch seems to develop some new
>symbols. I could easily come up with 5-10 symbols from mathematical logic
>which have not been mentioned in Justin Zieglers work. Perhaps it would be
>a good idea to classify possible math glyphs wrt the branches in which
>they are used. Then one could include in a standard setup only those
>glyphs which are more widely used and create some add-on packages
>specifically designed for the need of single branches (e.g. an encoding
>for mathematical logic, an encoding for physics, etc). This would also go
>in the direction indicated earlier by Frank Mittelbach, i.e. taking things
>out of the standard setup.

  In fact, my hunch is that similar principles as in the development of
international documents will be involved in such a project.

  Hans Aberg