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Re: More missing glyphs...

On Fri, 18 Apr 1997, Frank Mittelbach wrote:


> it is probably true that some mathematicians put their hands on any
> symbol they could reach from within TeX to get more symbols available

Yes, that is true. Additionally each branch seems to develop some new
symbols. I could easily come up with 5-10 symbols from mathematical logic
which have not been mentioned in Justin Zieglers work. Perhaps it would be 
a good idea to classify possible math glyphs wrt the branches in which
they are used. Then one could include in a standard setup only those
glyphs which are more widely used and create some add-on packages
specifically designed for the need of single branches (e.g. an encoding
for mathematical logic, an encoding for physics, etc). This would also go
in the direction indicated earlier by Frank Mittelbach, i.e. taking things
out of the standard setup.

Regards, Matthias