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Re: Kerning in cmsy ?

KNAPPEN@mzdmza.zdv.uni-mainz.de writes:
 > > Oh, I remember it was a proposal
 > > (overcome by the skewchar = 0 convention )in Justin Zieglers article to
 > > put that information in a fontdimen.
 > A proposal which is unfortunately not really working, since all font 
 > dimensions except slant get scaled, when the font is scaled. You can't 
 > seriously abuse font dimensions to communicate a constant (like the font 
 > encoding or the position of the skewchar).

got point, nobody is perfect :-)

but anyway if one agrees on a certain number of standard math
encodings then each can have a fixed skewchar by using a char position
which is clearly not appearing directly (or if for some of the
encodings such a position does not exist, by having one slot denoted
for it)