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Re: Alternatives to LaTeX (Was Some comments...)

Sebastian Rahtz writes:
 >  > >                 a) the ability to typset lines to a grid
 >  >
 >  > I don't see why this cannot be accomplished by proper settings of the
 >  > various vertical space parameters in the documentclass. I.e., I don't
 >  > think it is an inherent restriction in LaTeX, it is a decision left up
 >  > to the designer/documentclass writer.
 > indeed. I did a book like this once. it was a nightmare, for all the
 > reasons Michael points out

it is partly a problem of TeX having the wrong internal model for it
so it would not at all easy for e-TeX or Omega to overcome that
part. ie you need to come up with a completely new model replacing the
idea of glue as it is.

but a suitable implementation (leaving alone a few boundary cases) it
is not on the turning machine level of problems and in fact with a
better designer interface could be very well provided on the class

 --- which is one of the goals of the project ie providing such interfaces ---