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Re: Alternatives to LaTeX (Was Some comments...)

 > impression that the LaTeX3 project deals with several issues concerning the
 > maths fonts issue, but one is certainly (eventually) including a new good
 > set of standard fonts, that can be used in technical typesetting. This may
good, i hope they do

 > making the development of additional such new font families easier. So I
 > get the impression that the idea is not that everyone should be able to
 > just flip in whatever they like.

well, if i cant meet a designer's specification which says `do the
numbers and letters in equations using Helvetica', I guess I wont be
using LaTeX3....

I really think that developing fonts themselves, as opposed to
discussing LaTeX interfaces and encoding, is a matter well beyond the
remit and interests of LaTeX3 people. They may not agree