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Re: Alternatives to LaTeX (Was Some comments...)

At 10:29 97-04-16, Rolf Marvin B|e Lindgren wrote:

>using Alan Jeffrey's fontinst package, and the utilities that are
>included with these, converting PostScript fonts to TeX fonts is not
>very difficult - at least not for text fonts.  using a script that I
>hacked myself, I was able to convert the entire Adobe PostScript font
>collection to TeX fonts.
>I won't make this available to the public until I'm sure that the fonts
>behave correctly.  however, somebody who knows more about fonts than I
>might want to convert the lot and make it available to CTAN.

  Is there not a problem here: PostScript fonts may only come in one size,
which then is rescaled.

  But in correct typesetting, as in TeX fonts, the weights and proportions
actually change with the font size.

  So how does that work out here?

  Hans Aberg