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Re: math fonts


there has been some discussion about math fonts on this list recently, and
Frank Mittelbach mentioned that it would be high time to implement a prototype
of Justin Zieglers proposals for new math font encodings.

To avoid duplicate work, I want to announce here that I have played around
with mf, fontinst and the ideas in Justin Zieglers report and Alan Jeffreys
notes on math arrows some time ago. Last week I have tried to fix some of the
loose ends an pack up the things I have. You can obtain it in tarred
gzipped form via ftp from


or via http from


It is still not a complete implementation, since most of the proposed new
glyphs are missing and many of the LaTeX and AMS math macros have to be
reimplemented, but it might be a useful skeleton.

It would be helpful if some of the knowledgeable people on this list
would have a look at that stuff and correct some of my errors and omissions.
It would also be a good idea to test it on some real-world mathematical
documents. A good start might be chapter 8 of the companion (can the source
for that part be obtained for that purpose ?) to catch any missing symbols.

Any comments are welcome!

Matthias Clasen