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Re: rsfs

Johannes Kuester <kuester@MATHEMATIK.TU-MUENCHEN.DE> wrote:

>May be there should be a fourth script-like font, or at least parts of
>an alphabet in such a style, to be used for some special one letter symbols,
>containing for example
>P for the power set (also mentioned in J. Ziegler's article)
>C to denote the set of continuous / continuous differentiable functions
>  (as in C^k(\mathbf{R}) or the like)
>O and o for the Landau symbols (denoting the order of magnitude of
>  a function)

  I am thinking of having perhaps only two (using NFSS terminology)
"scripty" families, one less scripty, like the AMSfonts Euler script, and
one more scripty, looking like handwritten script, which would cover those
symbols mentioned above, both upper/lowe case then. These families would
then come in full (math) series (normal, bold) and shapes (upright,

  Hans Aberg