19th TEX Users Group Conference TUG '98
Toruń, 17-20 August 1998
Tutorial 3

TeX and PostScript integration

Speaker: Bogusław Jackowski, Poland

Main topics:

Kinds of graphic objects in PostScript.
  • bitmaps (B-W, gray, palette, RGB, CMYK),
  • outlined,
  • mixed.
Tools for converting and compressing PostScript graphic files.
  • conversion from other formats to PostScript,
  • PostScript filters,
  • CEP package.
TeX macros for including graphics.
  • epsf and colordvi,
  • PSTricks,
  • graphix.
Modifying PostScript graphic from within TeX program.
  • colour substitution,
  • colour separation,
  • lightening and darkening.
Dealing with PostScript fonts.
  • Type 1,
  • Type 42 (i.e., TrueType).