Programme details for TUG'98
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Day & time SpeakerTitleDuration (excluding questions) StatusChairman
Mon 09:30Jerzy Ludwichowski et alGrand Opening and Welcome75 minsOK 
Mon 11:30Chris RowleyLaTeX & the future of TeX extensions80 minsOKKaveh Bazargan
Mon 14:30Taco HoekwaterTeX in the next millenium : a brief introduction10 minsOK Jerzy Ludwichowski
Mon 14:45Karel SkoupyNTS : a new typesetting system15–20 minsOK
Mon 15:10Han The Thanh (JZ)Improving TeX's typeset layout20 mins 
Mon 15:35Miroslava MisakovaTypesetting with varying letter widths20 mins 
Mon 16:30Piotr BolekMetapost and patterns20 minsOKDaniel Taupin
Mon 16:55Boguslaw JackowskiThreshing EPS files20 mins 
Mon 17:20Hans HagenMetaTeX : how TeX does graphics35 mins 
Mon evening "Birds of a feather" sessions [1]    
Tue 09:30 TUG Annual General Meeting [2]    
Tue 11:30Taco HoekwaterMetafog conversion of Metafont fonts to Adobe type-130 minsOK Barbara Beeton
Tue 12:05Richard KinchDeveloping new TeX math fonts for the public domain30 minsOK
Tue 12:40Daniel Taupin LaTeX2HTML for the i'x86 family of operating systems15 mins  
Tue 14:30Erik Frambach et al4TeX : Office 2000! 20 minsOKMimi Jett
Tue 14:55Karel PiskaGeorgian scripts20 minsOK
Tue 15:20Kaveh Bazargan Can TeX generate Farsi script?15 mins 
Tue 15:40Daniel Taupinltx2rtf : export LaTeX documents to Word addicts30 minsOK
Tue 16:30(leave for) Bonfire at Golub-Dobrzyn [3] (transport provided)  
Wed 09:30Tako HoekwaterDVIview : a reference previewer15 mins  Gilbert van den Dobbelsteen
Wed 09:50Hans HagenVisual debugging in TeX30–45 mins 
Wed 10:35Boguslaw Jackowski et al More TeX-PostScript links15 mins +/- 
Wed 11:30Janusz Nowacki et alAntykwa Torunska : an electronic replica of a Polish traditional type15–30 mins Boguslaw Jackowski
Wed 12:05Hans HagenTeX, pdf, forms and JavaScript30–45 mins 
Wed 14:30 TUG/LUG meeting [4]    
Wed 16:30(prepare for) Concert & Gala Dinner at Artus' Hall [5] (Use public transport)   
Thu 09:30Laurence FinstonGenerating a concordance from TeX input files55 minsOK Marion Neubauer
Thu 10:30Dick NickallsTeX in the Operating Theatre25 minsOK
Thu 11:30Marcin WolinskiPretPrin : a LaTeX2e package for prettyprinting texts in formal languages 30 minsOKTomek Przechlewski
Thu 12:05Wlodek BzylAdding national language support to the CWEB packages and the TeX program 20–25 mins 
Thu 12:35Boguslaw JackowskiThe layout of Antykwa Torunska 10–15 mins 
Thu 14:30Hans Hagen et alTeX in the next millenium75 minsOKDonald DeLand
Thu 16:30 General discussion & close   Joachim Lammarsch
Thu evening TUG Board meeting [6]    


  1. Please use the BOF notice board to propose or support BOF sessions.

  2. Attendance at the TUG A.G.M. is open to all delegates.

  3. A coach will leave from the University side of ul. Gagarina, in front of the Rectorate, at 1700; delegates are advised to start assembling at 16:30.

  4. This meeting is intended to enable local user group representatives to meet each other and members of the TUG Board; others may treat this as a free afternoon.

  5. Delegates should use public transport to reach Artus' Hall before 18:00; take a 15 'bus from ul. Gagarina (opposite side of road to University), and change after 2 or 3 stops onto a 'bus 11 (same direction), then 2 or 1 stops respectively leaving at "Plac Rapackiego", cross the road towards the Old Town, then go straight on through the archway. The Artus' Hall will then be found on the right in front of the Ratusz (Town Hall). 'Bus tickets may be obtained from the conference office. Delegates should be careful to cancel both ends of one ticket for each journey; a single-ended cancellation is valid only for children and students.

  6. The TUG Board meeting is open to all TUG members, who are invited to attend as observers.

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