[twg-tds] Question: how to include an image file in a document class?

Lei Ye lei at uow.edu.au
Sun Sep 13 06:08:32 CEST 2015

Hi, Karl,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Thank you for placing the logo files in a place that will allow the
package to work.  I will request it for the same from MikTeX.

Because of the files in a package going to different directories as
required by TDS, that's why students think it sometimes works and
sometimes not.

I post a generic question for a hypothetical package in an attempt to
find a general answer.

In the document "A Directory Structure for TEX Files" version 1.1, June
23 2004, it defines the TDS texmf directory tree and use "texmf" to
refer to its root.

e.g.     texmf/doc

Are there generic, platform-independent TEX variables like @TEXMF and
@TEXMFLOCAL to resolve the directory tree defined in TDS for both Tex
Live and MikTeX?

e.g. To allow any of the following to work:

\IfFileExists{\@TEXMFLOCAL /doc/latex/uowthesis/UoWlogo.png}
\includegraphics{\@TEXMFLOCAL /doc/latex/uowthesis/UoWlogo.png}
\graphicspath{  {\@TEXMF /tex/latex/uowthesis/}  {\@TEXMFLOCAL
/tex/latex/uowthesis/}  {\@TEXMFLOCAL /doc/latex/uowthesis/} {\@TEXMF
/doc/latex/uowthesis/} }


On 13/09/2015 8:05 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hello Lei - this isn't really a TDS question.  The answer is that you
> should write the MiKTeX maintainers and ask them to correct the
> placement of UoWlogo.{eps,png}.  (I see I already put them under
> tex/latex in TeX Live.)  Be sure to tell them the real package and file
> names, not the made-up "thesis" and "logo", which is just confusing :).
> See http://miktex.org/help for miktex contact points.
> Best,
> Karl

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