[twg-tds] Question: how to include an image file in a document class?

Lei Ye lei at uow.edu.au
Sat Sep 12 20:52:32 CEST 2015

Dear all,

I created a document class, "thesis.cls" and need to include an image
file: "logo.png" in the title page that I created in my document class.

When the two files are packaged as a contributed package for CTAN and
the package is installed from a package manager by users,  these two
files reside in two different directories.

Under Windows MikTeX:

"thesis.cls" went to
"logo.png" went to

In my "thesis.cls", I have


But it will not find the "logo.png" file as it has been put into a
different directory as required by TDS.

How can I add the path to the image file in the \includegraphics command
so that it can be found on any installations including Windows and Mac?

I have read the tds.pdf but can not find an answer. Any help would be


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