[twg-tds] TDS french translation

Jean-Come Charpentier Jean-Come.Charpentier at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 12 05:48:44 CET 2005

Karl Berry wrote:

>It would be good if we could include the translation [of TDS] in the TDS
>distribution in the future (and on TeX Live, etc.).  I.e., just send me
>the file(s) when you're done.  Is that ok?

Excuse me for the *very* long time without answer.

Well, yes, it is ok. I hope that it is not too late... or for the next 
release of TeX Live.

In my translation, I use the class tdsguide (a fr-tdsquide was not 
necessary). I have just added


in the document preamble. I think that you will have no problem to 
compile this document.

  Best regards,

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