[twg-tds] structure below texmf/doc/fonts -- RFC

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Oct 28 01:46:59 CEST 2004

Hi Walter,

    it seems to me if the TDS structure below texmf/doc/fonts is
    not defined sufficiently well.

In general, the TDS does not try to precisely define texmf/doc.  It's
not as important to do this as it is in other trees, since finding doc
files isn't a core requirement of the system, compared to finding fonts
or input files.

Your scheme for introducing the supplier/typeface levels under doc/fonts
makes sense to me when there's lots of "additional" fonts, as you've
described.  I think it would make sense to show it as an example of how
to organize texmf/doc/fonts.

But I don't think we should make it the one required way, because in
practice with the free distributions, that would lead to deep and sparse
directory trees, which is frustrating for the user.  That is, I think
doc/fonts/<typeface>/ works fine for TeX Live, where there are
relatively few font families.

If that sounds ok to you (and everyone), I'll write something up for the
next version eventually, and let you know.  Or, if you want to write a
first draft of the new text, so much the better!


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