[twg-tds] tds.tex 1.092

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Mar 27 23:50:51 CET 2004

At 23:16 27/03/2004, Karl Berry wrote:
>One more time.  I realized that Thomas was write, and this list had been
>configured to reject everything but text/plain.  I don't know why or
>when.  Oh well.

I'm lost, what was the reason for posting these files? If it has to do with 
putting things under /texmf/tex:

   etex/             as with \path|tex|, below
   tex/              \TeX{} input files
   . <format>/       name of a format (e.g., \path|plain|)
   . . base/         base distribution for format (e.g., \path|plain.tex|)

while in a previous mail you said:

   Attached is another TDS draft (1.092, .tex and .dvi).  It says that
   input files for "extensions" are now in texmf/tex, rather than being
   texmf/extension.  I'm sure the text can use some improvements, please


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