[twg-tds] Re(2): [tex-implementors] tds draft 1.095

Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at enst-bretagne.fr
Mon Jun 7 11:06:49 CEST 2004

======Bzyl Wlodzimierz dixit:

>| 'binary or ascii' corresponds to pfb and pfa extensions, pfm is a file
>| containing additional metric information for the Windows platform (the
>| equivalent of the Macintosh FONT and NFNT resources).
>  It means that Type1 fonts are platform dependent.

for most platforms pfb files are OK. The Mac is an exception, you need a
"font suitcase" which points to a file where the PostScript code is
included in POST resources. On the other hand, standard TTF and OTF files
can be used with MacOS X.

>  Also pfm files are usable only under Windows.
>  Am I right?

Windows is the only operating system reading pfm files, but you can use
the information contained in pfm to create other kinds of files (for
example AFM files, which can be used to produce TeX metric files).

>--Wlodek Bzyl

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