[twg-tds] Fwd: Re: revision of the tex directory structure document

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 4 02:45:23 CEST 2004

    The comma after "Inputs for" is wrong (and not present in the pdf version).

Something went wrong in the conversion.  I'll look at it.  Thanks for

    understand the arguments for moving extensions under the top-level tex

Sorry, I don't know how I can write it more clearly.  The point is that
in practice, a given package will, for example, generally adapt itself
to work with both pdftex and tex.  Therefore forcing different TeX input
search paths for pdftex and tex is simply confusing and error prone.

    Going from texmf/pdftex to texmf/tex/pdftex
    doesn't seem to solve any search path problems for me. 

There is no texmf/tex/pdftex, or texmf/tex/etex, or ...
it's just texmf/tex/<format>.

    For example where should pdflatex.ini go following the new TDS.
    (In current teTeX it's located in texmf/pdftex/latex/config/pdflatex.ini)

My understanding is that it should be texmf/latex/config/pdflatex.ini.
No pdftex level.  That's where it is in the current TeX Live sources.

.ini files are a rather strange case, anyway.


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