[twg-tds] scripts, enc/lig/map

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Feb 19 15:52:24 CET 2004

    What about platform-dependent executable files (of an auxiliary nature)?

In practice, don't they just end up in bin?  At least, there is no
libexec in TeX Live.  Do you have examples (from TeX distributions) in
mind?  Do we need to specify this?

    > The intent is not for all
    > such directories to be added to a user's command search path, but to
    > benefit helper scripts in the normal executable directory.

    This doesn't seem clear to me.  Are the helper scripts in texmf/bin/arch,
    or in texmf/scripts/package?  

texmf/bin/arch -- although this is not specified by the TDS, and I don't
think it should be.

    It would seem to me that the latter would
    contain the helper scripts that would help main programs in texmf/bin/arch,
    but the above sentence seems to be saying the opposite.

Perhaps the word "helper" is misleading.  "Wrapper" might be better.
Or we could just drop that clause ("to benefit ...").

At any rate, the idea, proposed by Thomas, is that texmf/bin/arch
contains a script texexec.pl which (more or less) does:
loc=`kpsewhich --type=scripts texexec.pl`
exec $loc "$@"

Right now, this works via a kludge looking for an "other" file named
texexec.pl.  So the point was to clean that up.


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