[twg-tds] texmf/scripts and texmf/fonts/lig

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 16 13:13:16 CET 2004

At 22:54 14/02/2004, Karl Berry wrote:

>*** 322,327 ****
>--- 322,334 ----
>   \item[\path|doc|]
>   for user documentation (Section~\ref{sec:Documentation}).
>+ \item[\path|scripts|]
>+ for platform-independent executable files, such as Perl, Python, and
>+ shell scripts, and Java class files.  Subdirectories under
>+ \path|scripts| should be by package names.  The intent is not for all
>+ such directories to be added to a user's command search path, but to
>+ benefit helper scripts in the normal executable directory.

maybe add examples:

valid are:



>! texmf/fonts/enc,map/\replaceable{syntax}/
>   \end{ttdisplay}
>--- 463,482 ----
>   \begin{ttdisplay}
>! texmf/fonts/enc,lig,map/\replaceable{subpath}/
>   \end{ttdisplay}

does it make sense to have a /fonts/misc/package as well, just to be sure 
that files that don't fit in the current scheme dirty things?

>! recursively-searched path.  The names of the actual files must be unique
>! within the entire tree, as usual.

tree or subtree? you mean the whole texmf tree?


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