[twg-tds] storing scripts in the texmf tree

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Feb 10 22:35:42 CET 2004

At 14:03 08/02/2004, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
>"TE" == Thomas Esser writes:
>  TE> So, basically, I suggest to add scripts to the TDS in the
>  TE> following way: scripts/<language>/<package>
>I wonder if it would be better to drop the <language>, and just use

if <language> is dropped, i'd like to have the possibility to use


i.e. have a (arbitrary) subdivision under <package>; one reason is that i 
have modules/classes in subpaths and i want to keep things clean and not 
too differently organized from my development tree; i want to avoid clashes 
in subsubpaths (coming versions of context will come with many more 
productivity scripts, not all of them directly called by wrappers;)

i assume that there are no strick rules for the organization under 


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