[twg-tds] storing scripts in the texmf tree

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Feb 8 13:42:23 CET 2004

We currently have several macro packages which come with helper scripts
written in various languages (most of the use perl, but Hans also has
stuff in ruby and python), e.g. thumbpdf.

I think that such script files deserve their place in the texmf tree.
If they are properly written, they are system independend.  Putting
scripts into the texmf tree also helps to keep things "in sync", i.e. if
some the version os macro package and script depend on each other.

So, basically, I suggest to add scripts to the TDS in the following way:

So the perl scripts for context can go to
and thumbpdf.pl can go to
(singel-file package).

My preferred implementation in kpathsea to support this would be to have
a search path for each of the script languages, e.g.
  PERLSCRIPTS	= .;$TEXMF/scripts/perl//
  RUBYSCRIPTS	= .;$TEXMF/scripts/ruby//
  PYTHONSCRIPTS	= .;$TEXMF/scripts/python//


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