[twg-tds] afm2pl and <texmf>/fonts/lig

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Feb 8 00:40:10 CET 2004

>     This program uses *.lig files (+ a few more encoding vectors); is it 
>     possible to use/reserve <texmfroot>/fonts/lig/afm2pl for the lig files?
> Sounds sensible.  I'm cc-ing the twg-tds list to catch anyone who might
> not be on tex-live.  Does anyone (on either list) have any comments or
> objections to the proposed new fonts/lig directory?

texmf/fonts/lig/<package> seems right to me.

The obvious alternative texmf/afm2pl/lig seems to be wrong for two
  - the information stored in these files is font-related
  - other programs might want to make use of these files some day;
    we should have learned our lesson from e.g. enc files


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