[twg-tds] silly question re. etex.sty

Ulrik Vieth ulrik.vieth at tesionmail.de
Wed Aug 11 22:49:40 CEST 2004

> Now my question is:  What is the recommended place for the 
> LaTeX package etex.sty under texmf/tex/latex? 

> Putting it into .../latex/misc, together with lots of unrelated 
> stuff, looks a bit strange to me.  Yes, I am aware that it does 
> not really matter, from a technical point of view...  

I suppose, you could put in .../latex/etex, if you want to.
As far as I recall,TDS does not not forbid having single-file 
subdirectories and does not require using .../misc for every 
singe-file package.

Cheers, Ulrik.
(who vaguely recalls discussions about this topic back in 1994/95)

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