[twg-tds] [gaulle@idris.fr: a TDS question]

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Fri Jun 20 04:02:22 CEST 2003

"KB" == Karl Berry writes:

 KB> I am not sure what to suggest.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

sorry if i don't understand the problem properly, but:

 - why would french/latin1.kbc differ from e.g. german/latin1.kbc?
   latin1 is the input encoding (iso-8859-1) which doesn't depend on

 - french/applemac.kbc and russian/applemac.kbc are totally different
   encodings, and it is better to call the russian-related file as
   e.g. maccyr, since the encoding is called "Macintosh Cyrillic Encoding".

then, there will be no filename clashes: each filename corresponds to
input encoding name, but not to the language.

 KB> ...  This is just a little question regarding the TDS and i don't
 KB> know how to solve that.

 KB> I currently use keyboard related input files with naming like:

 KB> latin1.kbc latin9.kbc applemac.kbc ETC.

 KB> Now i want to make it available in a multilingual document.  And
 KB> thus i need to access files (in the same document) like:

 KB> french/latin1.kbc (using unix scheme for understanding)
 KB> german/latin1.kbc french/applemac.kbc russian/applemac.kbc ETC.

 KB> but as i can't have the same file names in the same tree, how i
 KB> can proceed?

 KB> Obviously i don't want to set, e.g. only one latin1.kbc file,
 KB> with all available languages around the world included; so how?


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