[twg-tds] font related files: sfd / CMap

Jin-Hwan Cho chofchof at ktug.or.kr
Thu Jul 31 17:14:57 CEST 2003

Vladimir Volovich wrote:

> BTW, there is a cmap LaTeX package which is used to add search
> capabilities to pdfLaTeX-generated PDF files.

Finally I understood why Volovich mentioned CMap files on his talk at

I am happy to hear that there is another package which uses CMap files, and
I really miss that
I could not have any chance to talk with him.

> This package contains some CMap files which are put into
> texmf/tex/latex/cmap/ directory and are searched by pdfLaTeX.

In fact, CMap file is a kind of an encoding file so that the location
texmf/tex/latex/cmap/ does not
look good for the exact place.

> If we put these files under fonts/cmap/<package>, will they be
> available to pdflatex as TEXINPUT files?

I cannot assure that enc, CMap, and sfd files are put under texmf/fonts/.
But we need some other
place than the current TEXPSHEADERS to put those encoding files together.
The place
texmf/fonts/ was Thomas' idea and I agree with him. If so, ENCFONTS,
will be used instead of TEXPSHEADERS or TEXINPUT.

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