[twg-tds] font related files: sfd / CMap

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jul 31 18:14:47 CEST 2003

>     If we put these files under fonts/cmap/<package>, will they be
>     available to pdflatex as TEXINPUT files?
> Not usually.  If LaTeX needs to read them,
> texmf/tex/latex/cmap/<package> seems like a better choice?
> On the other hand, if we want them under fonts, now would be the time ...

pdftex already uses more than just the TEXINPUTS search path. Maybe, we
should not focus too much on pdftex now, but first look for the cleanest
solution. I can then offer to ask on the pdftex list what they'd think
about changing the program and cmap.sty to access the CMap files using
a new kpathsea search path.

>     I hope I can use kpse_cmap_format and kpse_sfd_format in the next or
>     future KPATHSEA library.
> Support should be easy to add.  Olaf?

We also still miss support for enc files in kpathsea, so something like
kpse_enc_format. The env-vars could be
  kpse_cmap_format   CMAPFONTS
  kpse_sfd_format    FSDFONTS
  kpse_enc_format    ENCFONTS

Still, the main question is: assuming that we can solve the problem with
the current cmap package, do we all agree on


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