[twg-tds] font related files: sfd / CMap

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Jul 31 00:11:04 CEST 2003

"TE" == Thomas Esser writes:

 TE> From what I have read, fonts/sfd/<package> and
 TE> fonts/cmap/<package> might be the right thing to do (where
 TE> <package> is an identifier to indicate to which package the files
 TE> belong to).

BTW, there is a cmap LaTeX package which is used to add search
capabilities to pdfLaTeX-generated PDF files.

This package contains some CMap files which are put into
texmf/tex/latex/cmap/ directory and are searched by pdfLaTeX.

If we put these files under fonts/cmap/<package>, will they be
available to pdflatex as TEXINPUT files?


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