move this list?

Ulrik Vieth

> Any objections if I put this list ( at, to
> make (un)subscriptions easier (I think, can't remember if the listserv
> at shsu thinks twg-tds is public) and archiving (hopefully) more
> reliable?

Good idea, but if you do so please change my subscription address 

I've always wanted to change that, but never could do so due 
to difficulties with  ("xerxes" is our last
Sparc1/SunOs-4.1.3 machine, still serving as our mailhost, which 
is supposed to be replaced by another machine sooner or later.)

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S: While you're playing with mailing lists, could you perhaps
change the headers for "tex-k" so that one would get a consistent
sender line such as "Sender:" as it is
already the case for "tex-pretest" and other mailing lists?
I gues that would make it easier to do automatic archiving 
with mail filters at the recipient side.