Seltsamer Link (fwd)

K. Berry
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 14:02:30 -0400 (EDT)

    > Incidentally, do we labour under an agreement with the TDS people that
    > we should maintain all their history, or could we simply mirror
    > tds/standard/tds and let the links get on with it for us?  

There is no official agreement.  Speaking as the current maintainer of
the TDS draft, I don't see any problem with CTAN just mirroring the
current draft.  Speaking as a CTAN type, I don't see any problem with
it, either :-).

    tds/standard/tds is only a symlink.  Can the mirror script handle this?

If not, I could duplicate the directory.

    tex/drafts.archive is way the biggest part of the tds directory.
    By excluding it from the mirror we can get rid of most of the old stuff.

That sounds desirable.

    Some time in the near future we have to decide if we enlarge this partition
    or find some really large chunk to remove from the archive...

Getting rid of some or all of acrobat, as you suggested, sounds
reasonable to me.