Architecture TDS

Mon, 21 Jul 1997 09:38:51 -0700

Bernard GAULLE wrote:
>   J'attire l'attention des francais sur l'adoption probable et
> definitive de l'architecture de fichiers dite TDS d'ici 15 jours
> au prochain congres TUG de San Francisco. Comme de coutume les
> francais << raleront >> lorsque la decision sera prise... alors
> autant donner votre avis (technique !) _avant_. Vous pouvez
> le faire sur cette liste ou directement a mon adresse email,
> j'essayerai de retransmettre.
>   --bg
> Soon it will be on CTAN as well, in the `tds' directory.
> (finger for a list of CTAN hosts.)
> The only differences from 0.9993 are a revised section on AmiWeb2c from
> the author and some editorial changes.  If no problems arise from the
> discussion at the upcoming TUG 97 meeting (,
> this will become version 1.0.

 My only complaint is that I require a procedure (or a program) which
automatically put any updated file (*.sty, *.cls, *.mf, *.*pk, etc.) in
the right subdirectory, with no chance of having the same file
duplicate, since duplication may lead to using an obsolete version owing
to randomly path searching.

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