etex, pdftex, omega

Olaf Weber
30 Dec 1997 18:36:56 +0100

K Berry writes:

>      -- Introducing a new directory texmf/etex/.
>      -- Telling that below this directory the same structural conventions
>         as below texmf/tex/ is used.
>      -- Telling that only e-TeX-specific files are placed there, general
>         TeX files still belong in texmf/tex/.
>      -- Adding a note that e-TeX is expected to search files both in its
>         own directory tree and in texmf/tex/.

> This sounds good to me.  If there are no objections from others, I will
> try to write up the text.

It might be wise to note that the same holds for PDFTeX and Omega, and
(by extension) applies to future variants of TeX as well.

Olaf Weber