etex, pdftex, omega

Joachim Schrod
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 15:31:55 +0100


more than a month since the exchange of mails concerning the inclusion
of comments about e-TeX in TDS, and pushing its version number to 1.0.

Karl, what's the current state?

In case it matters, my general understanding: As defined in TDS, each
program gets a subdirectory below texmf/ for its files. If the author
wishes, we can add a description of the structure below that subtree.
That description might be by analogy, i.e., it might read ``the same
structure as in texmf/tex/.'' Of course, the program in question is
always free to specify that it not only reads files from its specific
subtree, but files from other programs as well. (That's the reason why
it's very sensible to define substructures of programs.)

So e-TeX would be handled by:

 -- Introducing a new directory texmf/etex/.
 -- Telling that below this directory the same structural conventions
    as below texmf/tex/ is used.
 -- Telling that only e-TeX-specific files are placed there, general
    TeX files still belong in texmf/tex/.
 -- Adding a note that e-TeX is expected to search files both in its
    own directory tree and in texmf/tex/.

And than we would be ready to slap 1.0 on the cover?!
I'd say, go for it!

Cheers, and a happy new year,


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