[TETEX 643] Another problem with tetex/dvips

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 11:08:29 +0100

 > > French people consider, after experiment, that TDS is NOT a good thing for
 > > practical use: my feeling is that TDS is good for CTAN postings, so that you
good gracious, this is almost worthy of a British mad cow politician!

 > > But practical users need everyday to add new fonts (greek, cambodgian,
 > > music, pictograpms of any kind) and they want to add new styles (french.st > > revtex.sty, jphys.sty, anything.sty...). This means that I (and many other
 > > want to have an OPEN tool box, not a CLOSED black box! This is

i simply cannot understand this. the whole rationale behind 
the TDS structure, and teTeX which adopted it, was precisely to make it
easy to maintain a working, dynamic system. what we had before, the
monolithic directories, was a black box to me.

i have been maintaining TeX since about 1986 on various systems, and i
can honestly say that the TDS (with Karl Berry's kpathsea which makes
it efficient) is by far the most important development to make the
process easier for me. i wouldnt go back to the (old) emTeX morass if
you paid me