Another trick

Thomas Esser
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 12:18:37 +0200

> > It does
> >   ls -LAR
> > in $TEXMF.
> > 
>  This means that, if I want teTeX to find some specific styles
> (e.g. musixtex.sty or french.sty) which I do not want to duplicate (safety
> reasons), then I should not modify texmf.cnf but rather build a symboly link
> to that other directory, inside the $TEXMF tree. Obvious but more obvious
> when sais explicitely.

Wrong. You can change texmf.cnf and put your file into directories
outside $TEXMF. But you may not prefix the search component with !! and
you cannot make use of the ls-R optimization. Besides these restrictions,
it does work.

> simple way would consist in taking the standard ls-R of the TDS
> distrib, and at least make a shell moving the known files in their std
> TDS directory.  Then, the user would choose what to do with the remainder
> (possibly => misc)

There is no such "standard ls-R". Anyway: it was no good idea to remove from the Cc: field. There are people who are interested
these ideas...

> Yes, but nothing forbids the teTeX doc to provide additional information
> about how to comply with TDS.

Sure. Any volunteers?