Another trick

Thomas Esser
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 11:38:11 +0200

I am about to answer some questions from Danuiel Taupin
<>. Since some TDS issues are touched, I Cc'ed to
the list. Maybe other list members want to comment on that, too.

> The question is simple: does the "texhash" routine look at "texmf.cnf",
> or does it simply scan de subdirs of teTeX/texmf ?

It does
  ls -LAR
in $TEXMF.

Scanning texmf.cnf does not make any sense, since the current Kpathsea
implementation would ignore any files in ls-R that are outside $TEXMF.

>  Suppose I get updates of latex styles, music styles, various *.tex common
> things (e.g. docstrip.tex or something.ins), then how can I know where they
> have to be put according to the TDS. In practice, is there a script that
> puts the given files into the right directory in an automatic way?

No, there is no mechanism to put files automatically into a TDS tree.
We all hope for such a feature in the future, but we still have no
general concept about how it could be done.

If you aim TDS compliance for the styles you install, all you can do is
to read the TDS paper. If the instructions are unclear, you should ask
the TWG-TDS for clarification.