Which place for docs in French, German, etc?

David Carlisle TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 29 Feb 96 10:11:56 GMT

>  only pertinent
> information will be displayed, non-pertinent info is
> automatically filtered out.

I think this is where I (and presumably Alan and Ulrick) disagree.
Currently almost all the primary documentation is in English, so the
differences between the suggested layouts are currently  small, but it
may be that more packages become documented in other languages.
However I can take one current example.

The primary documentation for picins happens to be in german. If I
were looking for the documentation for the package under the 
doc/<package> scheme then I find the documentation, and well I can't
read German, but that is my fault, and I could probably get enough out
of the examples to get by. However under the doc/<language> system
that you suggest, then either I have to search all the directories (as
I may not know which language the documentation is written in) or if I
use your `filtering' example, then I dont see the documentation at

[Actually picins now has a small summary documention in English, but
that is beside the point, one could imagine some package with
documentation in some language...]

As Alan pointed out the doc/<language> system is better for if someone
wants to `browse' the general documentation, (or for cases like your
microwave example, where *all* the documentation is available in *all*
the languages) but in this case it is technical documentation of
specific packages, which may appear in one or more, but almost never
all, of the languages. Therefore it seems better to have a `package
first' organisation, as it is better to find some documentation in a
language you don't understand, than to find no information at all.


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