Which place for docs in French, German, etc?

David Carlisle TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Wed, 28 Feb 96 18:16:09 GMT

> using the 2 letter codes is also a good idea to prevent upset and
> confusion. i am afraid we would have to have "us" for english, sigh.

Like Alan I'm not really convinced that doc/<language> is really an
improvement, but I could live with it.



is fairly horrible (especially as I've gone to so much trouble to
spell colour correctly in the documentation, if not the in the command
names in the code sections:-)

Someone, somewhere, once posted a list of ISO language (as opposed to
country) codes, I have a feeling it was Joachim, to this list, but I
could be wrong. 

I would have thought though it would be clearer all round if
understandable names for the directories were used, rather than codes,
after all the doc area is for humans. I suppose the codes are to avoid
deciding on whether to use the English name for the language, or the
native spelling. I would have though either (even inconsistly) would
be better than codes. One could take babel option names as a first
choice (which doesn't help in French as babel accepts both french and