Which place for docs in French, German, etc?

Wed, 28 Feb 1996 17:06:20 +0100

Subject: Re: Which place for docs in French, German, etc?

Alan JEFFREY wrote:
> The documentation directory structure should be based around making
> it easy for A. N. Punter to find the documentation they're after.

I do agree with that...

> If we go for:
>    $texmf/doc/<language>/<package>
> > then this makes it easy to find (e.g.) all French documentation, but
> difficult to find (e.g.) all documentation on AMS-LaTeX.  If we go
> for:
>    $texmf/doc/<package>/<language>
> then the situation is reversed.  I find it unlikely that A. N. Punter
> is going to be searching for AMS-LaTeX documentation in French and
> would rather find French Babel documentation than English AMS-LaTeX
> documentation. 

...but I do not undertand that point? If AMSLaTeX doc was in
$texmf/doc, then it would be in $texmf/us/doc. Why A. N. Punter
could not find it?

Michel Lavaud  (lavaud@univ-orleans.fr)