Which place for docs in French, German, etc?

Philip Taylor (RHBNC) TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 14:09:19 GMT

>> what is the ISO code for whatever dogs speak? do american dogs have
>> their own dialect? how many canine TeX users do we know? Phil, any
>> word from the equine side?

I have it on good authority that dogs speak some form of double-English,
although whether <Am.E> or <Br.E> remains moot: the following is
a transcription of a conversation between an experimental canine
linguist and his subject --

L: Describe the surface of a sheet of sandpaper.
S: Rough, rough.

L: What is the upper surface of a building called?
S: Roof, roof.

L: Who was the finest baseball pitcher this century?
S: Ruth, ruth.

L: From which species are you most recently descended?
S: Wolf, wolf.

As to equines, mine appears able to disobey commands no matter
in which language they are expressed.

** P.